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Native Birds

20 Years Landscaping South Florida

Landscape Design & Installation

Pink Shovel Landscapes, Inc.,  a landscape contractor company prides itself in creating quality landscape designs & installations, property management & landscape maintenance in Broward, Palm Beach, Dade and Collier Counties in South Florida. We believe in creating and maintaining Green landscapes which help to reduce our carbon footprint as well as contributing in a positive fashion to our natural world and our greater environment. Our knowledgeable staff is trained in artistic hand pruning and maintenance. We recommend and apply the right soil amendments,  appropriate fertilizers and mulches. We plant in a way that minimizes the need for applications of pesticides and other products which could leach into the water supply. Native plants and desirable non invasive, exotics can coexist in your garden and provide aesthetics that feed the soul in your personal environment while providing for nature in a way that feeds the environment.

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NATIVE PLANTS and Non-Pest Exotics for Florida Landscapes

Hope you enjoy some pictures of some of the Best shrubs and vines for South Florida Landscapes. Many are native plants, others are non-invasive, non-pest exotics which offer nectar through their flowers to local butterflies and overwintering hummingbirds. Some of the best roses are antique chinas and hardy humidity tolerant teas. Many of the flowering plants have wonderful scent or provide fruit or seeds for local bird habitat.

Below: Dwarf Powder Puff, a butterfly and hummingbird attractant.

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