NATIVE PLANTS and Non-Pest Exotics for Florida Landscapes

Hope you enjoy some pictures of some of the Best shrubs and vines for South Florida Landscapes. Many are native plants, others are non-invasive, non-pest exotics which offer nectar through their flowers to local butterflies and overwintering hummingbirds. Some of the best roses are antique chinas and hardy humidity tolerant teas. Many of the flowering plants have wonderful scent or provide fruit or seeds for local bird habitat.

Below: Dwarf Powder Puff, a butterfly and hummingbird attractant.

Photographs below are of some high performing Roses suitable for south Florida Landscapes: No sprays are needed on these Louis Phillip roses. They are tolerant of high humidity and disease and pest free. These roses are antique heritage china roses.

Photo Below antique rose and African Iris are a welcoming dooryard garden.

This list of plants is by no means inclusive or exclusive. We plant and use a wide variety of quality plants and trees. This list is small trees and plants now on sale. Supplies are limited.
Plants marked with ^ are hummingbird attractors. Plants marked with * are butterfly attractors. Plants marked with ** are butterfly hosts. Plants marked *** are bird attractors. Special Orders and Delivery are  available. All plants are natives or non-pest, desirable exotics.

Here are some of the plants we like and can provide. We work with growers of natives and non-pest exotics and can special order hard to find plants. Email us at the contact us page for a current list or to ask about particular  plants or trees you are looking for.  Delivery available

Paurotis Palm
Cassia Tree
Florida Thatch Palm
Apple Blossom Cassia
Gumbo Limbo Tree
Powder Puff    Tree
Dahoon Holly
Clusea Tree
White Geiger    Tree
Orange Geiger
Hong Kong Orchid
Anglel’s Trumpet
African Tulip Tree
Powder Puff shrub

Passion Vine
Dutchman’s Pipe Vine
Blue Sky Vine
Japanese Honeysuckle/Coral Honeysuckle
Flame Vine
Myrcine Guianensis
Duranta Repens
Yellow Elder
Cape Honeysuckle
Dessert Cassia
Necklace pod
Bay Cedar
Wild Coffee
Beauty Berry
Fistail Fern
Railroad Vine
Rain Lilly
Porter Weed
Night Blooming Jasmine


Fakahatchee grass