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Maintenance & Composting

A Warning about Chemical Fertilizers, soil amendments such as, Ironite and liming products, and other commercial industrial chemical products: In 1997 Duff Wilson, a Seattle Times reporter discovered the dangerous truth about fertilizers: Toxic waste (containing any variety of heavy metals and even radioactive waste, including but not limited to lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, chromium beryllium,dioxins and furans (maybe the most dangerous molecules known to man)  and rodium are being used as fertilizers under the Green mask of recycling. This is really Green washing, not green recycling. This is completely legal and even encouraged by the EPA. The federal government performs no tests and sets no limits and requires no disclosure to buyers, of the heavy metals and other dangerous toxins which are hidden in plant foot.

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What does it mean to go Green in the Living Landscape?

Green means Sustainability, creating and maintaining a landscape which conserves and preserves our energy, our water, our natural resources, our air quality, our environment and our way of life, and promoting an environment that will endure and provide into the future.

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